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@animal I know you didn’t say I was brainwashed and, to be honest, my interest in society’s opinion is not extremely high, so I could not be bothered by that because I know it’s not true.

I do think men and women don’t want the exact same things. But I also think the difference is not as big as many people seem to suggest. Many of my friends – both guys and girls – are facing issues that are pretty similar to my own. Usually when I get closer to a man, I tend to see he is not that different after all.

But all this is only on an emotional level. I mean, at least in my case. I don’t want to generalize but I feel my case is the more common one and I also think most people have a preference for certain power dynamics even if the preference is different from mine.

So, when things get beyond an emotional bond, I can’t really say I want a guy who is helpless and needs to be saved. :))) This is exactly the last thing I would want. It’s not malice or a rejection of men’s vulnerability. It’s just a…fact. Like…I prefer chocolate ice cream to broccoli. I’m not saying broccoli is bad. But also I think most women prefer chocolate ice cream and the ones who don’t still have a preference though a different one.

I think movies like Beauty and the Beast play with women’s fantasies. But, as I said, I don’t want to go there because the topic is larger than just women’s fantasies.

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