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The bothersome thing is that that advice is a myth. It’s not for everybody. It’s for the privileged.

Indeed, @tea. I always wonder if people 70 years ago could’ve just upped and “followed their dreams”. Perhaps the simpler lives back then gave people simpler dreams, like marrying so and so from family X in the East of the village. Things were harsher economically and technologically, back then, but I think they are much harsher psychologically now. Without hollywood, would I, a simple African girl, have ever dreamed of becoming a writer? Would I have thought it something to aspire to? I really think I wouldn’t care. I’d just enjoy reading book, most likely.

Eventually, I too have “followed my dream”, as it was sabotaging my conventional path but I wonder if my dream was doing that self-sabotaging or rather my strong underlying belief that “not following my dream” was a disaster.

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