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Ahh I wish IĀ  had more time, so much to do, so lil time

– Socionics talks about Delta being the Quadra of “Clipped Wings,” whereas the Gamma is “Tied Hands.”

I’m gonna return to this to elaborate more, but I just wanted to throw a wrench. While I did rise out of tragedy. I don’t relate that much personally to ‘underdog’ stuff, and I don’t see this as a big theme among Se users either. I did “beat the odds senseless” but for me it’s more about the thrill of challenge, as @auburn so astutely added to the Se article.

Saying I ‘beat the odds senseless’ is more of a thrill feeling. I don’t feel like an underdog even when I probably should. šŸ˜€Ā  Oh, I’m realistic about my lot in life being especially difficult, but it’s a very extreme situation and I still feel like I’m luckier and have more at my disposal! It’s more like I want that thrill of rising against something and meeting the energy of a challenge though.

“Underdog” stuff seems more Delta. But i know someone is going to shoot me for saying this šŸ™

I think Deltas have a lot of compassion for the little guy in general. I mean look at LOTR. I would never ascribe power to those tiny creatures. It’s a beautiful theme but not my theme. Nor do I see it per se in other Gammas like Prince, Trump, Bjork, Tori Amos, and on and on. Yes, rising to challenges – but no to little guys and underdogs.

So I’d say this is more NeFi than just Fi.

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