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[Edit: Oops, our posts crossed! I wrote this before reading your post. Reading it now!]

I also read Lolita and loved it. I appreciated that the book exposed pedophilia for what it is, in a realistic manner, from the perspective of a pedophile. I understand the critiques that it was ‘sexy’ and sexualized the child, but that is the point of the book. Pedophilia happens all the time, right under our noses, and therefore needs to be exposed, just as Mulhulland Drive – in its poetic strange way – exposed Hollywood, and the narcissistic sentiment behind the “born sexy yesterday” relationship trope.

These psychological issues are real, and I appreciate media that entices us to think about them.

I also understand the function of escapist media, don’t get me wrong.  The Fifth Element is action-packed “escapist media.” It’s fun, hot, cute, colorful.

I’m not saying I can’t enjoy movies like that, but I am also aware of ways in which the media is trying to brainwash me, so I often think about the messages that are really being taught to us. My observation is that many people just ‘absorb’ these tropes and messages, and don’t stop to think about how it might be harmful to their psyche. I am not immune either; I’m not a cyborg or an alien 😀  but I enjoy being present with my own mind and asking myself where my ideas and sentiments came from. For all of us, some of our sentiments are raw and utterly human; others are programmed. The  programming is designed to feed on the proclivities we already possess, which is why it’s so successful in brainwashing us.

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