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@animal – you are very good at finding these tropes ! When the video started I already thought of the manic pixie dream girl which I understand is a subtrope. πŸ™‚

As a pure Pe lead I don’t really know what to say. :))Β  I’d say it’s not just a male fantasy to be with a very young and naive girl who worships him. I’d say it is also a female fantasy to be with a mature and experienced man who does not judge her for not being that mature and experienced herself, so this goes both ways and there are mutual benefits (and drawbacks)

Also, like with the submissiveness talk, I think biology plays a role here too, as men are naturally looking for women who look young, innocent and almost childlike because of natural selection. But I think this extends over real age and also encompasses certain energies.

The whole thing is not that bad if the body is really of an adult woman. πŸ˜› I think it becomes evil when she is actually a child, like in Lolita.

Also, I thought of an example of a very naive and innocent girl who has awesome combat powers and who is developing together with a boy her age who is…well, more experienced than her but not that much. πŸ™‚ And it’s Eleven – from Stranger Things. <3 I think her example is healthy. I mean her whole background story is very unhealthy, of course, but her relationship to Mike seems to be developing in a healthy way. But they are both kids, so it’s a different thing… Well, if you compared her to any other girl her age who might be a potential love interest for Mike, actually it’s the same thing, hm.

It took me some time to find a video where she is not tormented by someone and her nose is not bleeding. πŸ™‚

You see, in this situation I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing. Though Eleven is very inexperienced and Mike is just a bit of a geek but generally a normal boy, so, they are not exactly on the same page despite him also being young. But maybe the difference here is that Eleven is still too young to be portrayed in a sexy way, so she is just a prodigal child who has telekinetic abilities and no idea about the real world. But of course this will follow, this is where it’s going.

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