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I write this here as a potential mitigation of practitioner error, and as a fail-safe to this system which I so value. Right now CT is far too highly dependent on me and my opinion. And as anything that is aiming to eventually grow into a science, this is far from ideal and so I write this article to remind myself of the values CT has baked in place (and for others here to be able to hold me accountable) until such a time comes that new vultologists and a new consensus can prevent chronic paradigmatic myopia. I’m far too aware of human frailty and our limited capacity to know, but also of our (my) impulse to want certainty where there is none.

This is why you’re the ideal person for the job 🙂

You and I have disagreed more than once 🙂 to put it lightly.  Our recent argument regarding Se and Fe, for example, may be an ongoing debate among us and other members.

However, any time I think “screw it, I’m either not articulating properly or he just doesn’t get it” – then you surprise me with some post that shows you were really listening to the dissent, considering different angles, and comprehending new material that seemed we would hopelessly disagree on only moments before.

Next thing I know, you’ve opened my eyes to new ways of viewing things. I thought I was right, but then you show me the light 😀 just as you see the light in what others are saying.

You continue to surprise me. I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore, because your pattern has shown itself — the pattern being: You care.  The system is bigger than you, and you honor it. You also honor other people, even when they are wrong or only half-right 🙂 but in the end your dedication to the system is uncompromising, and you’ll draw the line, respectfully – between appeasing people and actually doing what’s right for the system.

The key is that you realize you may not always know what’s right for the system. You allow it to channel itself through you, and in doing so, you do your best to confront your own biases in the process. It would be impossible to do this perfectly and wholly, since you’re human. But every day you do better than you did yesterday, and that’s what counts.

It is exciting to think it will continue to expand. I just hope you can find people for the team who are as dedicated as yourself, so things don’t get diluted.  After so many arguments, my respect for your process continues to grow.  It is downright inspiring to witness, and I only hope to approach my own work with that level of integrity. 🙂

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