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I see! Thank you for clarifying @animal .

neither side of which will make anyone happy.

Yes. This. I appreciate that you have a middle view on this, and seem to just be going  for realism. One of the things that threw me off about your earlier posts was that I felt you were advocating that women need to be more assertive, independent, etc.

Which I find unneeded, as I feel that we are at an unprecedented time atm with female empowerment. I don’t think there’s much shortage of encouragement for women to pave their own way. It’s become the trend. The cultural narrative in the past ten years has been highly influenced by third wave feminism to empower women to write their own stories, go their own way, etc. If anything, men are the ones being stripped of their validity and status lately, as women are liberated and media like Wonder Women champions this “female power.”

Third-wave feminism has given rise to a type of approved masculanization of womenhood. But I find that this is even counter to women at large themselves, and which I feel the majority of them don’t really want in the way that it’s portrayed.

My sense of the cultural narrative at present is that we don’t need more messages for women to leave men, be independent, be powerful, refuse the maternal/nurturer role, etc. I think “femininity” is in a bit of a crisis right now — as you pointed out, it seems polarized.

And I think women need to debate with other women about it, and about what they want, rather than them going after men. I heard Peterson say that highly independent lawyer/business women tend to feel hollow into their 30’s when the realize they’ve made their career their life. And a lot of these women go that route because the cultural narrative is pro-women’s-power.

Not enough emphasis is given to the idea that a women might find great happiness under the embrace of a loving husband who she can lean on, but who doesn’t oppress her. I think a phobia has developed in some women that men are oppressors, and so they refuse the idea of leaning on a man, by equating it with subjugation.

I wonder if you have any thoughts on how the narrative for women can balance?

How can women come to have the lover and family they want, while not feeling helpless?

What would you say is most needed in the discussion among women and their desires atm?


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