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I will say outright that I love all the characters in Game of Thrones, and the variety of characters that are portrayed. J.R.R. Martin is absolutely brilliant in his nuanced understanding of womens’ issues, in my opinion. I wonder, has he been typed?  (Not that it’s relevant per se, since any type can be brilliant and ‘in tune,’ but I’m wondering if I have some kind of function-bias toward his style of portraying humans as ‘humans.’)

To demonstrate the variety I can appreciate, I love all the following characters with a passion:

  • Arya Stark. (Genuinely tough. Has to fight her own demons to become that way. Nothing is free.)
  • Sansa Stark. (Boy-crazy; learns to manipulate men for her own gain, but still wants love.)
  • Danaerys Targaryen. (Beautiful, learns to wield it as ‘power.’  Relies on others for counsel but eventually comes into her own.)
  • Marjorie Tyrell. (Bombshell, manipulates men as career; but also has a soul – cares about the poor, cares about her brother who is an outcast, stands up for her family.)
  • Ygritte. (Ruthless warrior, raised to fight – but can’t kill Jon Snow and breaks down crying when the time comes. What’s not to love??)



I don’t see Sansa as “unrealistically submissive.” Many of my SJW-leaning / liberal friends reacted badly to her character because she’s so boy-crazy, identifies with her ‘beauty’ and is obsessive about pleasing men; but honestly, I can see that streak in myself too. And even if it’s not exactly “me” the way she does it, I can see that she represents a very real archetype among women, which gave me tremendous empathy for her, along with frustration and “Why did you do that?!!!” as though she was a real person.  I also appreciate that when she was left to her own devices and her strength was put to the test, she stepped up to the plate and individuated. I literally have tears in my eyes typing this, because I found it so beautiful.  A chill overcame my whole body.

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