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@animal – added the Goddess post to the beginning (I could have realized it belongs to the same chain of posts from the start, so sorry about that)

This is a very complex issue.

If I understand you (since it seems I keep misinterpreting), you say that you:

  • Are aware of the diversity of women, and see yourself as one example and not the average
  • Are in favor of all sorts of different women portrayals
  • See the nurturing elements of womenhood in yourself also


  • Feel the mass media portrays women figures who are ‘unrealistic’ even to the ‘average’ women
  • Are specifically against portrayals of a “pretty, desirable, submissive (…) woman [who has] no heroic arc of her own, and serves only to attract a man and inspire him to individuate”
  • Feel strong women do exist in the media but that the cultural narrative is often polarized on the subject, treading women as flat characters in an individuation story of a man, or as warlike “i need no man” women, and you would like to see both elements integrated because:
  • You see that ancient traditions converged sexuality, sensuality and war within the Female archetype, and:
  • You see that the western (Fe) narrative has stripped their female goddesses (Mother Mary) of any such qualities, and that this has permeated through cultural thought and media to give women an untrue model to follow

I wonder if that sounds right?

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