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Hey @adrian-g-correa


I wonder if what you’re noticing is a J-Lead vs. P-Lead thing or an extravert vs. introvert thing. It makes me think of the accepting producing and Exterior Interior dichotomies in Socionics. Basically, accepting functions are what the producing functions work off of and exterior functions are taken for granted while interior functions are seen as changeable.


We do seem to be operating in opposite directions when it comes to what we’re trying to understand and what we’re using to facilitate understanding. Sometimes I think of my own introspection as trying to form an objective model of the subject. I’m taking all of these external ideas and trying to build something out of them that corresponds to myself.


Do you feel like your understanding of the world serves your envisioning of how you should be in the world or vice versa or are they independent drives? Your description of figuring out how to “be” in the world in a way that accords with your identity reminds me of the JeJi oscilation. How do I act (Je?) in accordance with my standards (Ji?)?


I’d describe my main preoccupation as building a model as well although my model is of myself as opposed to of the world. I’m not as much exploring myself because I’m compiling the experiences into a coherent explanatatory framework. It’s exploration in the interest of knowledge, not the other way around.

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