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There is no such thing as the average woman. Every woman will deviate from the Absolute Average, statistically speaking.

Creating media focused on the “Average Woman” creates mediocre content because as you aim to please the largest audience, you fail to satisfy any.

This has been a trend lately, and people are picking up on it (finally). Quality of story telling has decreased the last few years, exceptions non-withstanding.

The depiction of Womanhood falls in this category as well. And this ties into my post in the Attraction and Lies thread; the modern depiction of Womanhood is warped in order to sell more ‘womanly’ products. This did not exist the way it does now even a 100 years ago. More and more people are feeling left out as the greatest influencers are aiming more and more to affect the greatest audience. In other words; Quantity over Quality.

Irony!! As this ‘quantity over quality’ leaves out True Quantity in terms of Variation. Variation is a constant in human beings and should be honored by genuine story tellers.

Alas, marketers are not genuine story tellers.

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