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The Media has been shaping society ever since it got created, and with the recent Media Convergence that’s been going on and is only going to increase, this influence has more power than ever. These are unprecedented times in terms of mass brainwashing.

How many different types of romance can be depicted on the screen?  VS How many different types of romance are promoted on the screen?

That should be a clue to how warped this really is. We are being molded to become consumers instead of active agents in our lives. It is no coincidence that popular modern ‘love stories’ fit the cliches that are the Hallmark-Valentine-Cards.

Swearing is (bleeped) out in interviews. Not because the public is that prudish, not because the public doesn’t want to hear it, but because the advertisers don’t want their products being seen in the same light.

Consumerism controls Mass Media.

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