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So, anyway, @animal, i think it’s good to hear a dissident voice about that matter, and let people (of both sexes) know that they shouldn’t feel the need to embody a superficial/fake persona to please society in general and a phantasmatic and stereotypical lover in particular.

Thank you <3

This is my point in bringing up “myself” as an example. I’m not encouraging anyone to be like me. Nor am I telling them not to.  I am simply allowing myself to be the dissident voice who says, “we don’t all have to sing the same tune.”

I don’t have any love for dissonance. I like harmony, being part of a dance between several people etc; but I also acknowledge what my role is –  my role, in a song, is the bridge. I change the tune by inserting an argument which tends to be climactic, and then things resolve back down to a speed and tempo that everyone can sing along to, after having gone through a more tumultuous bridge 😉

I hope that my sharing about myself – as a very unique person with an extremely atypical life and character –  will inspire others to feel okay sharing who they are.  I hope it will show them, by example, that not everyone has to fit the same mold, and yet we can still sing together as one, with love in our hearts.

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