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Returning to the talk about accurate or less accurate depictions of women in the media…I am somewhere in the middle of this…femininity spectrum. :)) So, I make my own money and didn’t ever depend on any guy for anything. But I am obviously acting like a reviser with guys, so, they take most of the decisions and I am not into control or into somehow demonstrating I am stronger than a man. I would not date a man if I saw myself as stronger than him. I wouldn’t see the point in it. But strong is a very broad word with many meanings.

The thing is, I love characters like Daenerys but if I said I resonate with her I would be blatantly lying. I would literally faint if I saw a dragon. :)) No, really. Now that would be a situation I could not handle and I would need some knight in shining armor to save me. :)) There are situations in which I am actually helpless too. Not that many but still. 🙂

So, I think it’s wonderful GoT has a variety of female characters that depict different types of women.

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