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Exactly the same plot, except there’s a Gamma SF “dark, sensual temptress” with cigarettes and blood in her mouth, and black leather boots, tempting him. In the end, he resists this temptation in order to be loyal to the “Good” Alpha woman.

LMAO, this made me lol 4 real.^^

I have to say, though, the description overall reminded me immediately of Leonard and Penny on the Big Bang Theory; especially this:

Scenario #1: The Alpha “Average Guy”  Problem.

Protagonist: Average guy.  A little nerdy, fun, nice, but nothing special. Likes computers and video games. Generally decent person but doofy.   Alpha NT.

Love interest: Beautiful woman.  Too good for him.  Two personalities are possible here.

Princessy, wild Ne lead who engages flights of fancy and inspires him, but can’t be tied down. Dreamy.

Only I’m not sure Penny inspires him to do anything (besides win her over, lol). But Penny is kind of a female “jock” so I think she’s more Se than Ne. (Into sports and things like that–srsly hates geeky things).

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