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Oh, and yes! To add to that about the Fi myths,^^ this is another reason we can consider Harry Porter and Frodo Baggins Fi characters. Though Harry has tons more Pe than Frodo. Frodo is probably Fi dom.

Anyway, what I mean is, these ‘integrity tests’ or ‘pure of heart’ myths are all over both Rowling’s and Tolkien’s stories.

The reason the hobbits are able to bear the ring of power with the least corruptibility of all the peoples of Middle Earth is that they are the most detached and least power-hungry. Simple, humble folk whose simplicity is symbolised by their small size and the idyllic life of the shire.

All the big Je characters are vulnerable to the ring’s temptation; including Gandalf and Galadriel–the best Je people of Middle Earth together with Elrond. We don’t see Elrond tempted, but its probably safe to say that if Galadriel and Gandalf are vulnerable, he probably is too. Eventually, though, after bearing it for so long, it takes its toll on the hobbits too: Biblo, Frodo, and even Sam.

Harry also gets tested in this way. He’s able to acquire the philosopher’s stone in ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ because he’s not greedy for it. “Only those who wanted it but not to use it”, says Dumbledore. That was the ‘integrity test’. Gandalf says it hasn’t entered Sauron’s wildest thought that someone might want to destroy the ring of power. So Sauron and even Saruman calculate strategies for people seeking the ring but they have no contingency plan for people who want to destroy it: which is the ‘integrity test’ of LOTR.

In Deathly Hallows, after all is said and done, and Harry has not only defeated Voldermort but won the elder wand, he simply breaks it and throws it into the river; removing the temptation for other dark wizards or even himself to seek to misuse it.

I think destroying the elder wand shows Harry as Fi rather than Fe, the most. Fe would seek to use the power of the wand to do good instead, I think, like Dumbledore had done. Just like Dany wants the Iron throne in order to rule the people well (as well as her belief that it’s her destiny and birth right.) Gandalf even explains his own temptation in LOTR this way. He says he’d seek to use it to do good, but through him the ring would unleash a power too terrible to imagine. Same as Galadriel (She’d be a queen more beautiful and terrible than the dawn.) Frodo failed this test in the end despite his great moral integrity, but until then, he had passed it every day since he acquired the ring.

Even the story of the three brothers and death told in Harry porter when explaining the origin of the elder wand is an integrity test. Only the detached brother escapes death.

Funnily, Frodo too is often compared to a Christ figure, like Harry, because he willingly bears the ring into Mordor, so I think it’s interesting because he and Harry are both not Fe personalities. I love what @ivory said about non-Fe personalities thrust into the Hero’s journey and how it makes their stories more relatable than Fe-based hero’s journeys whose heroes seem larger than life even if we admire them. All Harry and Frodo want is to live their simple lives (Sam too). Even Bilbo is more Pe with his thirst for adventure than Fe. He’s not out for an individuation journey or “destiny” at all; just good old adventure! Lol.

Voldermort and Sauron (both Je tyrants, as @animal calls their myth) are defeated by people who have passed the integrity tests of their worlds. Frodo, even if he failed in the end, still got the ring into the belly of Mount Doom with Sam’s help.

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