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The Classic Hero is indeed Fe. Think Superman, think Captain America. These are the prototypal ‘good guys’ who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Other modern heroes, such as Spider-man, are not Fe but are known to try and emulate the ‘greats.’

Harry Potter is not Fe, yet his story is often used as an example of the Heroes Journey. Yet, there are tons of instances where HP subverted expectations and acted true to his nature; that of the wild card, the Trickster.

So we have the archetypal Hero, and we have the Hero’s Journey. When these two come together, you get powerhouses such as Jesus Christ. But these stories are mostly unrelatable, so authors often use non-archetypal-Hero protagonists and throw them in the Hero’s Journey. Boom, now we have someone relatable, like H Potter. Everybody wants to be like Captain America, but it is Spider-man, the geek thrown in the Hero’s Journey, who is most relatable and thus most popular.

Hero =/= Hero’s Journey

I know this has been established already, but I’m merely putting emphasis on the importance of this distinction here.

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