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I strongly agree with @Auburn ‘s assertion that ‘naming it isn’t his choice.’ And that further evaluation is needed to clarify this. Just to make my position clear.

As a writer myself, I also feel that the characters tell me who they are; I don’t get to decide.  I don’t want to kill off certain characters but I have to, because that is part of their arc and what is needed to bring the mythology to fruition.

I couldn’t agree more that this has to develop organically. I’m just clarifying my own reaction to some of the ideas that have been presented, but on the whole, the Fe myth will have to name itself. Its truth will have to reveal itself.

It may be true that the Hero is the best name, for the reason that it forces us to consider alternative ways of viewing heroism.  But in that case, I feel it is absolutely imperative that stories like Harry Potter are acknowledged as “Se Hero” myths in which a trickster destroys the leader’s plans, and frees the world from the tyranny of corrupt Fe (or Je).  If stories like that are lumped into Fe, then we defeat the beauty that may come of exploring different angles on heroism.

In my opinion, if we are going to explore Fe ‘heroism’ in an intellectually honest light, then we will also explore myths that are similar to Voldemort, and which portray the darker side of ‘getting rid of your own feelings to become something more.’ Corrupt leaders, false messiahs – these people are everywhere. Why aren’t they covered in the article, like they are for the other types?

This is, in fact, what I am doing with my Fe lead antagonist. He is not a black-and-white villain like Voldemort, he is a very human and relatable Fe lead – who demonstrates the darker potentials of the archetype. I am sure other stories like this already exist, and these also should be mentioned in the Fe discussion.  Otherwise, people will see “Se – the Joker” with no balance from characters like Harry Potter;  and Fe “Jesus, the Messiah, Peterson” etc – and think…. Ok, so Fe is good and Se is evil?

Auburn mentioned that if Se people show up with a higher crime rate, we should not skirt around that fact. I agree. But we should also not skirt around “Se Trickster Hero is Harry Potter.” Because it has shown up. It exists.

Kali, Harry Potter, Loki – these type of archetypes that are Se, exist. We don’t need to limit ourselves to the Joker, and then throw Harry Potter into the Fe camp. If we’re gonna keep it real, then let’s be real. 😀

We can say “Oh, but Fe is about being a better person and self improving, and Se isn’t. So even if these characters are Se leads, their stories don’t belong in the Se description.” However, is that really true? Shouldn’t we acknowledge the reason that tricksters have shown up as heroes,  freeing people from tyranny and exposing the darkness behind the throne – time and time again, throughout history?  Shouldn’t this be part of the timeless Se myth?

We don’t get to decide which myths are embodied by the functions. The truths come to us. Specifically Auburn, who is channeling their essence.

And the truth has shown itself, that Se has a heroic role to play, mythologically. So, what is it? Why do we only see delinquents and addicts in the description? Why isn’t Voldemort, or another corrupt leader, in the Fe description – as Trump is portrayed so negatively in the Te description?

When Se heroes are showing up all around us, portrayed in series whose themes are anti-authoritarian and focused on freeing people from Je tyranny, and we start viewing them as “Fe hero stories” – we can assume that culture has, in fact, influenced us to see “Fe hero narrative” as the only heroic narrative. However, that is not how I see it. I see both heroic and demonic narratives in different functions, and I would hope those stories show up in the descriptions.

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