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“Hero” is a good example of someone with strong focus and a lot of development, be it through developing all their functions or through developing one function to its maximum capacity.  Characters who become heroes have to incorporate other functions. A Fe character, or person, cannot become a hero and ‘individuate’ unless they incorporate some consistency into their value structure via integrating their Polar.

So saying that people have developed other functions, is kind of a moot point. We all have to confront our shadow in order to become the ‘hero’ of our own story, let alone to be of any help to others.

And that’s exactly back to the original problem, and the one I demonstrated through a simple use of dictionary: hero is too positive, too human, too connected to ‘individuation,’ too universal. Not because “people who aren’t Fe have adopted this Fe narrative as their own through culture”  😀  no, but because everyone is endowed with an innate need for narrative, individuation etc; though it may come out in different ways depending on the functions.

I do agree with you that Mentor is not an ideal word either, because of the ‘Hermit’ connotation. But it’s getting closer to what unites one Fe user to the next, without being so inclusive that it encompasses the whole of humanity and all mythology.

It would have been intellectually honest to say Harry Potter was a Se hero myth – in which the trickster obstructs the plan of the Fe villain, and frees people from tyranny. But instead we have found ourselves in a position where all heroic stories are lumped into a Fe myth, even if the story is about using Pe to free us from Je. This is a problem.

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