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Jordan Peterson is a very good example of Fe, Ni and Ti development ! 🙂

Jesus is not a very good example of anything (as a real person I mean) because we do not know what his type or functions or development level were. If we are just talking about what is in the Bible…do you think he was Fe I— ? Because he used a lot of cryptic talk and parables…

I don’t know about Gandalf’s type and development level but are you sure he has no Pi development?

I’d say Voldermort is a (dark) leader and every leader must also do some mentoring, it’s part of leadership but not the main part.

I do think pure Fe people can be good mentors but I don’t think this is their essence, to me Mentor has a bit of senex energy but I might be wrong, I never considered these things until now…:)

I will give a tarot example because I can’t resist the temptation.

Strength could depict Fe (we talked about it at some point I think). The Chariot could also depict Fe or at least Je, generally.And they both carry a meaning of leadership, control and agency.

But if you think of Mentorship, you naturally visualize the Hermit and he indeed is described as giving guidance and being a mentor. And he is a Senex, not a King/Father/Hero type, you know? But he does have some Fe, he does have a lamp in his hand. :))

Sorry for the woo everyone. <3

But I’m just saying how it looks to me, I think we need @Auburn to sort this out. 🙂

And about the last post – I see what you’re saying but I  actually think it’s way more dangerous to say Fe = Mentor.

Mentor is close to teacher/coach.  Way above hero/savior in my value system at least although hero sounds cooler. But the mentor tells you what to do !!!  And not just like a leader would, he changes your world view. That’s why I’d say he needs more development and specifically Senex energy and his own pretty well developed world view to effectively do that ! 🙂 That’s precisely why I am against saying Fe- Mentor Myth. I mean, I’m ok with being saved by Fe but not with being coached by Fe and I will just be honest and admit it lol. :))))

(of course, I’m joking, I think Fe people can be wonderful mentors, as I said before, but I don’t see Fe’s myth as the Mentor Myth…because I don’t see Fe all by itself, with no other development or special circumstances, other people’s support etc as a Mentor)

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