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Regarding Mentor as an alternative – I’m sorry but I disagree.

In my opinion, pure Fe people are better suited for being Heroes than for being Mentors. They can be heroes who also do some mentoring but I don’t think this is their essential, pure energy.

I see mentorship as more of a combination of Pi and Je and / or Ji and Je but I may be wrong. Especially Pi and Je and in this order. I mean, of course anyone can do anything but I think Pi is more important in mentoring than Je. What you communicate must first be lived, experienced and integrated in a world view. Or else there is a high risk of it not being consistent. I’m not saying FeNi I— can not be a good mentor (it would be quite absurd of me to claim something like that :)) ), I’m just saying Hero is a better suited word for this person than Mentor.

Yes, death and resurrection is basically the same as transformation and we all go through transformation processes ! Who we are must always die and something new must be reborn.

But I think Auburn means a specific type of death and resurrection and what he is saying is that when your communal role really matters to you like it usually does to Fe people.. and when your values are tightly connected to the larger social sphere, if you fail, you might feel you must die and be reborn. I think there are some different Fe-ish undertones in what he is talking about. It’s not just about transformation, it’a also about sacrifice, atonement, rebuilding yourself to become suitable for a specific societal role – like the role of a leader. And if you look at it from this perspective, death and resurrection does look more like an Fe theme.

Now, I’m not sure that the Hero’s Journey is only about this specific path, because I don’t see this exact path necessarily depicted in the scheme Auburn posted but I believe this is what he is saying, we should find the car video and rewatch it, it’s there.

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