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But we depict different characters as heroes, and different ones as villains – in the same stories – depending on our personal experience, indoctrination, morals, and so forth.

I agree with this, @animal.^ I think the kinds of stories change depending on who among the lesser characters (Function myths) takes on the role of hero/protagonist; villain; counsel; helper/friend; etc.

You have a different story if the hero is Fi and Si is the villain. Another where Te is the villain to Fi’s hero etc. Or Te is the counseller verses Ti or Ni etc.

But the basic structures don’t change, like:

1) Ego/Protagonist

2) Struggle in the form of Villain or Obstacle to be overcome (or both)

3) Defeat and victory

4) Lessons or transformations

5) Journey home

They just look different depending on which character they’re “wearing” in a story.

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