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@fae I hereby declare that your communal pre-assigned calling is to express yourself and reject any prescribed roles!

Jokes aside, I would say that the description being passed around gives it more of an Fe tint/shade, this whole talk of rising to power etc, but the story structure properly is much more general, for instance the hero returns to where he/she starts with something of value, not necessarily becoming the King of His Domain, that is more of a specific manifestation of it.

Haha! @faeruss, Evil trickster, you! But yeah, I see what you mean. I don’t relate to the whole “taking my father’s place” at all, but you’re right. It’s not essential to the bones of the hero’s journey. It’s a version of it.

My suggestion is that we start separating the elements of the basic ego’s tale from the function tales.

So I think we can say the hero’s journey itself, at a “bare bones” level, is the ego’s journey.

Fe is a character in stories, just like the other functions. The version of the hero’s journey changes depending on which role among the many characters the “ego/hero/protag” wears in a story. So you can have the same 8 characters changing the story depending on which one of them plays hero, villain, sidekick, obstacle, counsel etc

So, Moanna, Diana (Wonder Woman), Black Panther, Dany Targaryen, are classic representatives of the hero’s journey where the hero takes on the character of Fe. (Not sure about Moanna to be honest, but I’ll go with Fe because I saw her typed that way on Discord some months ago.)

They are, all three, positioned in a certain relationship with their people. BP literally dies/resurrects (kinda); the other three don’t but Moanna and Dany do walk into the belly of hell in a way. But I think death and resurrection is not Fe either. It’s the ego’s story. Growth in the psyche follows death, every time. So the essence of Fe must be elsewhere.

The communal/collective role thing is one. Fe is either a saviour, a champion, or even a protector/mentor like animal says but it’s something that’s always intertwined with “the other” or the collective.

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