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That’s what I was thinking. I’m asking a question about content as opposed to processing. CT measures processing as opposed to content. I do wonder though, if there’s space in the theory for content.


This conects back to earlier in this thread when I was asking about whether or not Pi could be more introspective than currently conceptualized. I always found it odd that Pi only forms an internal model of the external world. My idea is that this is the case in situations where Pi serves the agenda of another extroverted function higher in the hierarchy. So maybe when Pi is the lead function, there is a necessary degree of self discovery that results. This would be because I think P may be akin to a stimulus and J to a response. Following from this P would be akin to content and J would be akin to processing. This would mean that either J function can activate in response to either P function. So somebody can be processing internal (Pi) or external (Pe) input internally (Ji) or externally (Je).


I think this would still preserve the current definitions of introverted and extraverted functions while also accounting for content in a certain way. This isn’t me saying that Pi is solely introspective or that Pe is solely externally exploratory, rather that they can be depending on their position in the hierarchy. Je isn’t solely focused on affecting the world and Ji isn’t solely focused on affecting the self, but they can be, once again, depending on their position.


Anyway, these are just my own ideas. Looking forward to the case study!

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