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I wrote some posts in the Harry Potter thread which belong here, on this topic.

The Bible, The Sumerian Tablets, etc.
Satan is a trickster. It’s just the way things are. As Auburn once wrote, the King who can no longer tolerate the Jester is a tyrant.
The stories about a God who can’t tolerate being questioned and requires absolute faith without question – these are stories of a tyrant.
The Bible is a rewrite of many collected stories that were written before. In the Sumerian tablets, written a few thousand years before the Bible, the Annunaki created human kind as slaves to mine gold, because they needed gold to preserve the atmosphere of their home planet.  Enki – a very clear Pe type – was the creator of Man, who was more benevolent and wanted to give them longer life, teach them knowledge and endow them with the gifts of the Gods. But Enlil, his brother who was in charge of things, wanted to keep them as lowly slaves. They were first created in Eden, through DNA mixing between the Annunaki  and homo erectus.
Enlil was always trying to limit them and Enki was always sneaking them special favors. In the Bible, Enlil – the angry Je overseer –  was given the role of God in the same stories. Enki was given the role of Lucifer, Satan — the creative brother who disobeyed.
There are many ways to look at this and we are not “evil” in all of them. The Bible is not the only creation story out there, and many of them tell the same stories from different angles.

Harry Potter.
In short: Voldemort’s Je vision gets ruined by Harry Potter, the trickster. That is the “hero myth” of the story.
This is the same ‘twist’ on the Hero Myth that is covered in the Sumerian tablets, where Pe is hero and Je is tyrant.


The point I’m making is, we all tap into the same universal narratives. It’s unavoidable.  “As above, so below.” But we depict different characters as heroes, and different ones as villains – in the same stories – depending on our personal experience, indoctrination, morals, and so forth.

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