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Oh, here is the thread. 🙂

So, I also thought Hero Myth could represent Fe like Trickster Myth represents Se but I had doubts regarding Fe being  specifically associated with the Hero’s Journey.

What seems to strike me though is what you said about Jungian therapy. I never heard it did not work for everyone, but, to be completely honest, I tried interpreting some of my dreams in Jungian and in Freudian way (just based on what I read about their ways to interpret dreams – I am obviously not a specialist in this field, so I have just some basic knowledge)…and what I found is :

– it’s not that my dreams contain a lot of sexual desires :))  but they most certainly contain a lot of hidden desires and drives that I can easily uncover myself by free association;

– most of the times my dreams don’t contain anything archetypal or universal or at least I don’t see it that way. I mean, I rarely dream of figures who could remind me of any archetypes. If I dream about something that could somehow be connected to an archetype, there are always easier explanations for the dream than actually thinking about the archetype itself. For example, when I dream of my mom, it never looks like she could represent the Mother Archetype – it mostly looks like I want something connected to my mom, and by jumping just 2-3 associations away from my dream content I will see exactly what it is that I want and also the reasons for the covers, projections etc.

But I completely agree with many of Jung’s ideas, I’m just saying my dreams have more hidden desire content than archetypal content but maybe that’s normal or more common for Fi-Te users, I don’t know. I am very high in openness, almost 100%, so it’s not that.

Now… I never tried Jungian therapy, so I can’t say if it works or if it does not work but I felt like it would make sense for it to not work just by thinking of what I generally dream. 🙂 I think it is a topic worth exploring.

I wanted to ask if Hero’s Journey is specific for Fe users, what is Fi-Te users journey. But I think this has not yet been defined, right?

Regarding becoming the King, developing Te would also look like becoming King, wouldn’t it? And if you don’t have it conscious, I think the journey would be pretty similar, I mean, you (your current development) would have to die and someone new (with Te conscious) would be born.

Oh, good night !

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