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Jokes aside, I would say that the description being passed around gives it more of an Fe tint/shade, this whole talk of rising to power etc, but the story structure properly is much more general, for instance the hero returns to where he/she starts with something of value, not necessarily becoming the King of His Domain, that is more of a specific manifestation of it.

Yes but I think this is due to a reverse engineering. For example, I see how Campbell tried to generalize his myth, although he clearly has a sense of what the “most pure” representation is as he quotes Gautama Buddha, Moses, and Christ as iconic examples of it.

So I think he was still staring out with the Fe Hero myth as a template, and then “softening it” a bit, to accommodate other variants. But the priority is still baked into the structure.

In reality, this shouldn’t surprise us. If we do the math, Beta NF’s would be the ones to articulate (linguistic moral expression) the NF archetypal domain the most naturally. Ni+Fe conductors paving the way in our collective mythology seems precisely what we’d expect, and with it would also come their ‘spin’ on it –which would have to be filtered out as their initial trailblazing is condensed into a more proper universal understanding.

(Alright, sleep for real now 🙂 )

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