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Oh, my…firstly, envy towards @thanatesque intensifies. :))

Secondly, did you play Life is Strange? The first game? It’s a story about time travel, friendship (and a bit more than friendship) between 2 girls, high school life, psychos and a big storm coming. 🙂 You also have to make some pretty hard choices during the game. :p

Anyway, there is a butterfly in that game. The whole thing begins with it, since it’s a time travel story.



So, you reminded me of that butterfly and now I have a weird Ni hunch that something out of the ordinary might happen any moment ! But I have no idea what, my first thought was the end of the world ! :))

And about the fairy – I play a wood elf sorceress in our new DnD campaign ! A bit different from your depiction but not very far from it.

I also used to play a monk who had a butterfly as her holy symbol. <3 But she was a tabaxi (something like a khajiit but cuter 🙂 )

I will think about some depictions of you guys too.

Oh, I love Princess Mononke and I think she represents @Animal very well. <3

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