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My Je is useful only when in service of Pe Play. I found that out as I wrote my three books. “Hard work” meaning utilizing all my energy, brought zero fruit when done in the typical “hard-working” Je way. I had to keep remembering to play. Then lo and behold! Progress!

Inspiration to me is not optional at all. It’s inspiration or death (of motivation).

But my inspiration is very much Ne + Fi. Not purely Ne. There’s a post Auburn wrote in the old forum, lomg ago, describing Ne + Fi as “they embody a kind of celebration of freedom.” I don’t think I’ve found a more perfect way to describe the thing I call “inspiration”, “play”, and “creativity”, where I’m concerned. It’s just expressing what’s in the heart; through words, song, dance, movement etc. Moreover, when I let Je or Pe calculations interfere, it’s very unforgiving what then transpires. My body literally gets tied up in painful knots and “tensions” that will lead either to rage or physical illness if not undone. Being “true” eventually turns out not to be optional, in the same way “don’t take poison” isn’t. Not that I don’t take the poison (again and again); I just am forced to surrender and puke it out every time.

Perspiration for inspiration, is how I’d describe by creative process.

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