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@faeruss – your last post is so funny, I laughed 4 times during lunch break thinking about the Myth of Juicy Grilled Chicken Meats. :)))

But I honestly believe that Hero is a good word for the Fe myth and I will risk generating 100 new posts by saying it actually is the best of the ones that have been suggested. 🙂 Messiah sounds way too religious and many Fe users will not resonate with it and even feel disturbed by the word !

The Chosen One is good but Hero has more of a social implication…and The Chosen One makes you think of destiny and that looks more like an Ni thing than like an Fe thing to me. You can be a Hero without being the Chosen One.

I agree with what @fae said about individuation and that the Hero represents everyone’s growth process in a way but I simply think Hero is a better word for Fe-myth than Messiah or The Chosen One.

I did start this whole thing with my comments about the need for more positive examples of Se characters and I will maintain that opinion but Fe is pretty heroic and the other words proposed are way too religious for a Je function.

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