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@Hrafn Thank you for this. Yeah, I think Auburn has a specific kind of self-work in mind when he talk about this, and it is “work” indeed. It is structured, and involves the delineation of ideals (Ji) and their effective pursuit (Je), and is overall rather Western in flavour. There is indeed a type of self-development, though perhaps not self-work, that I would associate with the perception axes, of the type you describe, more closely seen in some Eastern schools of thought, like Buddhism and Vedanta, as well as Taosim.

Probably the most universal and appropriate definition of what self-work and self-development is is to say it is that which you least want to do, but know you should. For a Judgement-axis heavy person, this “work” could lie in learning to let go, to flow, to perceive, for instance.

Self-work implies having an ideal to work towards, and in some schools of thought the ideal is to have no ideal, to be free and pure of striving. Of course, this gets one into horrible paradoxes, like desiring to be free of desire. And this would be the final obstacle to entering the gateless gate, as it were. It seems to be, however, a nonsensical and paradoxical tool that must be burnt and discarded once it has fulfilled its role of getting one to the very door. The image of God is the final obstacle. Or how the Zen master would say, “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”.

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