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@umbilicalsphere – what do you think about this as an NeTi who does not have conscious Fe ? 🙂

Because in my opinion you have done a lot of self work and this is obvious, you wouldn’t even have to prove it, that’s why I’m summoning you and not talking about myself.

Maybe you’ve had some issues to overcome but I don’t think this should be that relevant, since there are also a lot of people who have major problems and who don’t do any self work !

Also, I don’t know when your Ti got developed, maybe you have an idea about that? Because it might be useful to see if there is any connection between self work and Ti development. (especially since your self work can be connected to Ti themes)

And another thing, maybe we understand self work in different ways. In my opinion, meditating 2 hours / day is self work.

And since I’m not sure Umbi will respond, 🙂 since I didn’t see him being very active on the forum, I will also say that maybe perception can also be improved and that this is also a type of self work. Seeing clearly takes effort too or at least that’s what I think.

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