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  • Type: NeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

Okay, I got my lazy ass up (crashed after a long day) and fired up my computer because I want to make a distinction. For both Se and Fe there is a sense of rising to the task.

Adapt self to match task.

Se seems more to embody the challenge at hand, while Fe steps into a social role. Both are therefore heroes, and both experience glory. But for Fe I think it boils down to social role (like Moana), and there’s a bit more structure present in the journey. There are certain elements always present in a Fe hero’s journey that needn’t be in other hero journeys. Fe has an element of servanthood in it, and TeFi together can functionally be the same. (It’s correct that Fe is the Messiah, the servant-leader.)

Se – hunt and embrace task, singular and focused

Fe – swell and embrace as you are embraced, expansive

(P.S. Great thread! And I’ll have to think about it more. This actually ties into of a whole series of questions I’ve been thinking of lately)

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