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Te White-Knight-ing vs Fe Saving the People
Now I have to differentiate white-knight-ing from Fe. The role of the knight is more appropriately Animus. Firstly, he’s usually devoted to one key precious; his beloved. Fe is a servant to the collective, while Te is  more covetous – placing a bounded border around his/her territory. And the land within that territory is beautiful; a lush garden. Te is selective, through Fi.

Haha, I’ve always loved doing the Gollum voice and calling someone “my precious.”
*hides under the bed*

This is absolutely right. I describe my mirror character (who shares my own type) as covetous, possessive etc, of his Ji “princess.” This is exactly how I see myself in my own mythology and life. Whereas the Fe character, who also loves the Ji “princess,” is too busy serving the collective.  It’s exactly the differentiation that I made. She likes being ‘possessed’ but cannot help but admire the ‘wider sacrifice’ as well. So I’ve really explored this difference pretty thoroughly through her reactions & her psyche.

I’m definitely obsessive, possessive, covetous, single-minded. My art & my husband are “my precious.” F___ the rest of the world.

This manifests in big and small ways, such as how Te culture in America is individualistic, but also meritocratic – so that each person works to build their own little kingdom. This is elaborate on much more in this older thread.

This is why I like living in USA, actually. I wish we would go back in that direction culturally, though I am logical enough to see the problems with it. I can see the merits in many views, but in my heart of hearts I’ll always be a classic libertarian individualist.

But as it relates to Self-Improvement:

This is just what I see from the outside but when both are working within the same person, The Knight provides the agency, utility and power by which Fi’s radiation can have a voice, expression and illumination. It’s the task of the Knight to see the princess shine. And so there’s a part in the Te/Fi user that remains delicate & sensitive, while another part is more militant and logistically minded, and takes the brunt of the world.

This was why my Te ‘alter ego’  was my manager, producer, financer, etc, and protected my broken heart…

@animal – I dunno how much of this you’ll agree with, and I’m risking another long discussion/argument (that I may or may not have the energy for   ) but I actually also felt this was indicative of you, your relationship to Kilian and to yourself. The Te Knight is how I see you manifest your Je, and in a roundabout way it seems your own Te looks out for you, to make sure your Fi can have its expression. I wonder if this makes sense?

This is 100% spot on, and exactly how I conceptualize it.  In my own personal mythology where I took on different characters, and in my relationship with Kat.  Even calling him “Kat’ is calling him “my precious,” in a way.  Yes, you’re completely spot on 🙂

And btw, my Fe friend is confused by the way I act. He would never act possessive over a woman like that. He is always about “The Cause” and making a show out of doing it together.

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