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Thanks guys for the feedback.

I think there’s a fair argument to be made for a more targeted ‘label’ to house the Aler myth. I think “Messiah” is a good option but there are problems with it also. I’m already stepping on enough people’s shoes, and I don’t wanna have a Christian mob come after me, telling me I’m psychologizing their deity. (Which I am )

But I feel inclined to note that the profile itself defines what it means in a very specific way (and it can get more specific if needed) – so that if people are actually reading the profile and not just stopping after reading “hero”, they’ll get what is meant in the context of this system. People can have all sorts of notions for what “hero” means, and that’s inevitable. It could mean being a great dad, or inspiring people with music. But I think defining one’s terms is always important. To me, it just seems sloppy to object to terminology by confusing the laymen use of a word for the technical use of it in a system. I don’t think we have to appeal to the ignorance of the uninitiated — instead, we should initiate.

I always find it a better solution to elucidate what is meant by the terms used, than to try to find the perfect adjective because people get hung up on the adjective no matter what it is. Right now the discussion is influenced by the voices in this thread, but more voices will come later wanting to adjust it in other directions.

It’s better to have a stable yet imperfect label, than to split hairs endlessly. For example we still have “F” and “T” in use even though we don’t say F = feelings anymore. Everyone who’s been properly initiated into Jungian typology gets it. If we’re going to object to a face-value reading of “Fe = Hero” or preemptively defend against misconceptions, then we might as well object to “Te = King” or “Se = Trickster” and many of the others. I find this to be an issue of nomenclature and its limits, rather than with the term itself being ill applied.

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