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Thank you, I think you worded well what I was trying to get at.

I might offer that perhaps a better word would be messiah, or something more specific, a particular type of hero. @auburn might have something more specific in mind when he talks of the myth of the Hero.

This is exactly what I’m trying to say, but I lack the Ti or whatever it takes, so¬† I end up sounding personally offended when that wasn’t my point. Facepalm..

Anyway, that was exactly where I was going with this.

Another source of confusion seems to be a distinction between the myth of the Hero as experienced psychologically vs. whether someone¬†is¬†a hero, if that makes sense. Harry Potter could well be described as a hero, and his story has all the right beats ‚Äď but he might not¬†think of himself¬†as such, and therein lies the difference.

One could argue that a true hero would never think of themselves as a hero because, in order to be heroic, we need to get beyond our ego. ūüėÄ

But as you said – on some level – everyone wants to be a hero. It might mean something different to each person, which is why the lumping of “hero” together with “Fe” is causing confusion.

To reference Auburn’s P-heavy “live and let live” types, people like this can still want to be a hero in some way; maybe to discover something new, free up someone’s soul, have children or save animals, inspire someone as a muse, etc. Assuming people have compassion and are not sociopaths, some part of them wants to use what they have to connect to others and spread the love.

So that’s why I think that wanting to be a hero, or resonating with hero stories, is universal – but we have to be specific about what that means. I don’t , personally, resonate with Black Panther & Danaerys, even though I find their stories full of intrigue and beauty.¬† Harry Potter is not as complex a character as I would like, but I resonate with his specific hero trajectory, because it involves an adventurous, independent-minded moralistic little brat like myself, stepping up to the plate to enact his values, then going back to doing what he loves.¬† There’s a huge difference in resonance here, between him vs. the “messiah” hero stories of Kings & Queens, for me.

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