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I think this was my problem with it. I had written this in another post:


Villains are often the tyrants & tricksters that embody one function fully, like a 50 year old infant, whereas heroes are the ones that face their shadow and incorporate something more.

I’d like to see this heroism reflected in the characters chosen for Se, and their myths, rather than seeing all the  Se leads who become heroic, being categorized as Fe hero myths. Maybe that’s impossible because of the nature of how myths work, but this is what I’m getting at. Bera came up with a Se ‘myth’ which Harry Potter fits perfectly, in “seasons of the soul.” He went through this in order to fend off evil Je forces — so is that what makes it Fe?

It just seems like there are many dimensions of heroism that are missing from this conceptualization which forces us to lump all heroes in as  “Fe myth heros.”  Then, following that up with “the Fe myth isn’t natural for other types, so they are acting unnaturally if they are drawn to it” …. just doesn’t make sense.

The draw to heroism is universal because every single one of us has to grow up.

Naturally, a Pe myth is “youth” whereas the Pi myth is “the crone.” But Pe characters take on more dimensions as they become leaders (Je) and crones (Pi) .  So does this process make the story a Je or Pi myth? I would think the Pe “myth” involves a childlike, youthful, vitality-oriented person incorporating adult traits like responsibility and wisdom; just as a Fe “myth” involves incorporating Ji – morality, meaning, integrity.  And also, Pe – energy – to enact it.

Danaerys and Black Panther, for instance, have proper Fe myths, and their stories involve tapping into their lower functions (Ji and Pe) to find energy to enact their own morals – to get up and fight on a moments’ notice, loosen up and change their plans when needed (Pe), and to find the moral integrity that underlies  their leadership (Ji).

However Harry Potter, a Se character – when he incorporates his lower functions (Pi – wisdom/foresight; Je – leadership/organization), then he is moved to a “Fe story.”

See the imbalance here?

I just see you going in ‘one direction’ with heroism…. making Fe heroism too ‘broad’ and then leaving it out of the other functions. This is not about moralizing other functions nor is it about being personally ‘offended.’ (I’m also not offended that you analyzed my childhood. You can do that with me any time, even if I disagree with a nuance! 🙂 )

I don’t need validation through functions because my hero story is already valid as per its existence in reality. No theory can take that away, nor add to it really. It adds, at best, layers of discussion about it and understanding what I might be missing about other people.

So I’m sorry if my posts came off that way because it’s not what I meant AT ALL. What I’m saying is that something is missing in the approach; if different characters become heroes by incorporating different functions, yet the hero myth itself is categorized as Fe. This is not about validation, offendedness, etc; it’s just about what appears to me as an unrealistic, perhaps one-sided way of discussing the meaning of (general) heroic trajectory. And, what it means to be a hero.

For a Fe character to be a “hero,” they have to incorporate Ti, Pe and/or Pi. So it’s not in Fe itself that heroism is native. Or , that is how it appears to me, anyway.

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