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Soooo…it seems like this morning I had a lot of energy even without drinking any coffee !  And now, after attacking Jordan Peterson, the Hero Myth and God, I realized I actually don’t want to give anyone the impression that I might also have a bad opinion about Fe !

I dislike being controlled by high Je people and I generally try to resist many of their attempts to educate me or to change me in any way. And in this context I prefer Te to Fe because at least Te’s motives are clearer to me. With Fe sometimes I really don’t understand the person’s actions or decisions.

But Fe users sometimes have a special type of nobility coupled with determination and kindness, that I admire. And I can’t produce the exact same expressions of strength and kindness myself just by using Fi and Te.

I just wanted to make this clear, because there are many Fe users on the chat that I like and look up to.

And regarding what @auburn said about Christianity being an Fe myth, I believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection is an Fe myth but there are indeed also other facets of Christianity, as @Fae said.

In the end, we have Christianity to thank for a huge part of our culture. And we can be grateful for that and just keep swimming at the same time.:p At least that’s what I’m doing.

But yes, I totally feel that Christianity is at its core against both Se and Ne and you can see that directly if you look at who was oppressed by Christians in the past. Yes, no one will burn us at the stake anymore but if we go to its roots, I do think Christianity is a pretty high Fe religion and that Ne and Se were not really the most beloved functions during most of its history.

The Devil is an Se character most probably inspired by pagan horned gods.

And with Ne…Christianity (not what we would call Christianity today but what it used to be till the 20’th century) was pretty much against scientific exploration. Against doubt. Against any ideas that would diverge from the Bible. So, pretty much against Ne too.

I think this is true, although the situation has improved a lot and although there are also wonderful parts of Christianity, like the idea to love your neighbor like yourself, to forgive your enemies, to help the needy, I mean, these ideas made the whole Christian world stick together through history and to resist attacks from outside forces, like the Ottoman Empire and this is extremely important, but still, Pe used to be pretty much pushed away by Christian dogma. Because, in the end, Pe was a threat, a real threat to a.. culture building conductor type religion ! It didn’t just seem like a threat, it was one.

I think Pe tends to rebel against Je as a default and this can be seen in religion but also in generation conflicts and in our own minds. When you want to play but need to work, there is already a Pe-Je struggle in your mind. 🙂

But just supposing that Je is right and Pe is wrong is not a productive way of looking at this issue, because organization itself and culture itself can be destructive and oppressive and free exploration can truly lead to solutions to major problems ! So, none is above the other, though Pe is more of a kid and Je more of a parent. 🙂

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