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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

It’s my personal opinion that Christianity is an Fe myth, essentially a messiah myth (and messiah myths predate Jesus of Nazareth), embedded into a wider context. So high Fe users may feel like the message of Christianity is intrinsically right, because it better aligns to their heroic journey. And meanwhile all the Ne and Se leads are chastised as sinners and they inherit a great deal of damage and even shame for being how they are.

I see what you mean, @auburn, but I disagree with the diagnosis. I think your SDA background (they are less than 1% of Christians) and perhaps evangelical exposure (less than 30%) are not an accurate picture of “Christianity” IMHO.

Catholicism, Orthodoxy and other apostolic groups (well over 60%) are not reducible to a hero myth. Also, lets not confuse Jesus’ story with that of the Christian.

I was 100% attracted to Catholicism because of the Neon Fi in the doctrine and morality, through and through: Life qua life and charity are the paramount values without question. The Gospels also overflow with these values, particularly the sermon on the mount, a ton of the parables, much of Jesus’ teaching, like the discourse before the last supper in the Gospel of St. John, and lots of things in the epistles too. Jesus taught nothing but love of the little, the weak, the sick, the suffering, the lacking, and the lowly. If that’s not Fi, I don’t know what is! I think Fe is just one strand of the story but to reduce the NT to it or even the entirety of Christianity is not accurate IMO.

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