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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Yea. You’re asking for something really hard here. Because you are not a typical case by any means. What typology is, is an investigation of commonalitiesamong people. So the point of typology is to highlight how we are the same. It’s not usually meant to fit like a glove if one is a 1/1000 case.

The more irregular factors are involved in a person’s life, the more challenging it will be for a standard profile to fit them – unless the typology is so nuanced as to account for all the variables of life that may shift the outcome until it hits that ‘sweet spot’ more times than not. Like I said in this thread, it’s easy to fabricate this feeling via shortcuts, but to reallyunderstand you –or anyone– I’m afraid we have to dive a little bit away from typology and get into psychoanalysis.

In psychoanalysis, we look at all the childhood/life/upbringing circumstances that specifically factor into the formation of a given personality. And the results are described on a 1:1 basis. Right now CT is not ready for psychoanalysis, although it’s been my hope that it can eventually be actionable as a psychoanalytical tool — for example, predicting life upbringings based on function modulation levels. That would be so badass. But we need to study many more cases first.

Hehe. I’m not really asking or expecting a full answer, as, it’s sort of rhetorical and I understand we need a lot more data before this can get resolved.

But it can get frustrating to read something like the Fe myth and know that the function’s main principles don’t apply (I am so clearly Fi and my social/leader inclinations are nothing like Fe)… but to see my own trajectory and phoenix rising, spelled out exactly the way I experience it, in a function that isn’t even mine.

I do think you’re right to say Fe is the hero myth. And that there are other types of myths and not everyone has to tap into Fe if it isnt native for them. I tap into my own version of the hero “trial by fire” myth, though it’s atypical compared to Fe hero king myths. I do fit the expected Jungian trajectory because I walk that path in my life and my art mirrors my life and vice versa. So I would not say I do that because of social pressure; rather, I would say there are other combinations of functions evident in some people, such as PeFi III maybe, which can identify with the suffering and trial by fire and sacrifice for the cause as a life theme, without “fooling themselves” or being untrue to their nature. Maybe we just havent figured out why yet.

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