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  • Type: NeFi
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I do think Ne is inherently anchored to existing conclusions in a way Se seems not to be, and I suspect this has to do with intrusion from the inside. Whereas Se has more of an ability to “empty the cup” and construct a new and unique understanding of the information in front of it.

But I wouldn’t say Ne is any more focused on internal reality than Se can be, just that the nature of the exploration may be different. When I was a small child, I’d go backwards and examine my thoughts, see how one string lead to another. It was linear. But I did not group my thoughts supraordinally according to theme, if that makes any sense. I didn’t do that until maybe junior high. Maybe this is the area of “things all people do,” but I so get a sense that Se it thematic by nature since is must coordinate all details in front of it into a whole, which is no small task since the details may not be intrinsically related. For that, you have Ni to stitch them together. Whereas NeSi has more of an etiological/causal taxonomic system, and things group according to kind.

Dang, this was a Ne ramble. Sorry!

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