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  • Type: TiNe
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So I can see your point, and I do agree that Pe has an element of rebirth in it.

But to me it is more related to fertility.

I’ll explain what I mean in a bit, but first:

They will be vulnerable to surrender to the transience of life, flowing with all its currents, only to wash up ashore in a life they neither expected or wanted. But Pe also gives types a capacity to recover from hardships, to maintain hope and to keep on swimming.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Finding Nemo, you might know the phrase: “just keep swimming”

Dori is an NeFi archetype, and is a fish who suffers from short term memory loss.

The way that I see it, is Pe’s regenerative abilities come from Pe’s refresh factor. And it manifests in making things new, novel, interesting. It manifests in livening up places that are in decay. Here is how I would compare the fertility archetype to the phoenix archetype, and you can tell me what you think:


  • Springtime
  • Green
  • Youth
  • New life
  • Vibrancy.
  • Grapes, Wine.
  • Music, Dance.
  • Sexuality.
  • Mirth.
  • Joy.


  • Fire
  • Trials
  • Challenges
  • Death
  • Rebirth from the ashes
  • Purification
  • Gold
  • Refinement of Character

See, to me the difference is quite striking. Both have overlap in the sense of “new life” but the new life that Pe generates is from the re-population of the old with the new. Pe makes things contemporary. Pe jazzes things up. Pe “gets things going” again when they’re stagnant. That’s the kind of new life it brings.

For Je, it’s about trial-and-error, it’s about getting better at (the goal) coming closer to (the ideal). Up and up towards ascension. I do not see this with Pe. Because with Pe, the new idea may be just as good or better as the old one, or it could be crappy. Pe will discard things and try again, but it may also just discard things if they’re too boring. There isn’t a brick-by-brick continuity there.

There is no arduous process in Pe’s version. It’s almost a type of forgetfulness or disinterest that causes newness. “I wanna do something else now” is the most bratty expression of this. 😉 So renewal isn’t at all the same.

For me the phoenix myth is not just about new life but is *specifically* about the betterment of character, it’s about rising up towards the philosopher’s stone; alchemy. And alchemy is about turning lead into gold. Turning a weak, unimpressive metal into something glorious. This has a hierarchical element to it (a value system) that Pe doesn’t have. But to me the phoenix does carry these undertones.

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