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I’m glad that clarified! Yeah, I was trying to put my finger on it too.

Thanks for helping bring that to light. Maybe now I can have a clearer explanation going forward.

What I was getting at was not ‘this is about me!’ but rather – that I know first hand (not just from me but from working with other musicians too) –  when you see a masterful feat, there’s got to be some work on the back end. However, you raised a different point which makes that argument moot – which is that real mastery is not a requirement for a Se lead to make it as a musician.  And the over-representation of them in that industry, as opposed to, say – lawyers – is due to the ‘chasing of passion’ rather than doing something that isn’t fun, enlivening, invigorating or passionate at all, but just pays the bills or offers a service to society for the sake of others — which is Je — mind over body.

Yes, exactly.

Well said!

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