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Sure, talent + work is needed. But you can go a long way with a lot of talent and less work. I’m going to be firm about this, this time, and say that you need to look outside of your personal experience. If we take Se-leads as a whole, what we see is a lot of young talent that has their moment in the spotlight, and then it fades away. I’m not talking about your case. I’m talking about Se-leads in general, and specifically those without Je.

Keep in mind I’m using myself as an example to make a point. I’m perfectly aware that we’re chasing after something archetypal here that unites all Se leads, and I am only one of millions. I just bring up my experience because it’s a realistic reference point to articulate what I’m trying to say.  (A very different communication style here from Alpha, but I was after the same end.)

What I was getting at was not ‘this is about me!’ but rather – that I know first hand (not just from me but from working with other musicians too) –  when you see a masterful feat, there’s got to be some work on the back end. However, you raised a different point which makes that argument moot – which is that real mastery is not a requirement for a Se lead to make it as a musician.  And the over-representation of them in that industry, as opposed to, say – lawyers – is due to the ‘chasing of passion’ rather than doing something that isn’t fun, enlivening, invigorating or passionate at all, but just pays the bills or offers a service to society for the sake of others — which is Je — mind over body.

So I think we got to the crux of the difference, quite well. And now that we did, it actually applies to me, too, even if I’m only one example.

I always seek the principle that is universal to the type, which means that I, too, have to be part of it. Since I’m the best reference point I have, I’m the one I bring up. But it’s not about me, it’s about the principle of the thing- and I think you hit the nail on the head.

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