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This is the opposite of what I say of Fe, or Je for that matter (lets not forget that Te also has an analogous section called “Challenge and Conscientiousness”). For Fe/Te it’s not a situation where they have a muse/passion that sparks their drive. It’s the cerebral comprehension of the need to be pragmatic for the attainment of a higher order.

Yes. I think this is the distinction we’ve been looking for.

Ok, I can see your point regarding the Se musicians who don’t have J development and don’t want to work except ‘in their passion,’ and then become one-hit wonders by “riding the wave.” That actually makes perfect sense and this is the thing I’ve been hoping to put my finger on. You did it perfectly 🙂

I was just using myself as an example to point out why I see practicing & discipline being “behind” the mastery of writing songs offhandedly in the moment. But I do agree that discipline and fame don’t always correlate.  (Talent and fame definitely don’t correlate, especially in this day and age, but don’t get me started on that….)

I guess Se leads are overrepresented among famous musicians because they can have the talent of ‘riding the wave as it is’ and exploring whatever is there in the moment, and jumping on board to do what they love; rather than Je-ish “doing what needs to be done” based on conscience.  It is all a ‘riding the wave’ style ‘chasing’ the energy of the thing that inspires them.  And in this, I can see the Se base even in myself, easily; even if I take further steps through J functions, to crystalize the process into something ‘crafted, honed and meaningful’ to me.

Your post makes perfect sense, and I am glad you articulated it 🙂

Again, I apologize if my tone sounded forceful. I was just trying really hard to get the thing into words. Thank you for your response!!  And I appreciate the perspective it offers.

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