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Ahhhh this is such a deep topic, I’m just spilling over here.


Pe is regenerative. Rebirth, newness, the unexpected. You mention this in your profile, and @teatime and I have discussed it.

The thing that makes the “trickster” myth is that you don’t know what to expect. Ne is also about ‘newness.’

I think Phoenix rising from the ashes – as a myth – is a myth of regeneration.  I think this belongs with Pe.

Pe, is regenerative. It dies over and over again, and becomes something new. Rises again, gets back up, rebuilds itself.  Pi is what helps to ground Pe into something more lasting, solid and dependable. Otherwise Pe will just keep regenerating.

Perhaps this is part of why you and I both have alter-egos that arise as our experiences change. New versions of ourselves that rise from the ashes of ruin, or something like that. We don’t have Pi.

I cannot see the ‘phoenix’ per se, as Fe alone. I understand why you associate it with Fe, but regeneration is a part of Pe.

The King/Queen myth is Je — this is the part that my mirror character does not do, but my Je character does. So I  don’t know what that means about my story as a whole, in Jungian terms. My Ji & Pe characters find who they are, and battle their own demons to grow on their own, rather than to become leaders. They fulfill their own destinies, become better people, better lovers, more heroic in their own lives, more inspirational. They regenerate from the ashes of trauma, as all humans tend to, when they are traumatized – or else they perish.

Thing is, every one of the characters has to become their own hero, and hero for each other; because that is what all real people have to do, one way or the other.  Not all of them have to become king or queen, and take on the burdens of society (this is more a Je myth), although sometimes it’s the Trickster who finds  the magic potion that changes the world.  And certainly, Pe leads will regenerate from their own wreckage, thus embodying the phoenix.

Does that make sense? Am I on the right track here, or am I wacko ? 😀

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