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`I agree that Harry Porter’s tale is a classic hero’s tale: Harry’s story has been compared to Luke Skywalker’s, but for their very different backgrounds/settings etc. But here I wonder about the utility of applying the myth this way because it’s the nature of basic story-telling for the protag to be a hero.’

@fae – exactly !!! I think in this case the myth of the Hero is actually more representative of Fe and not the myth of the Hero’s Journey, if that makes sense and @Auburn, correct me if I am wrong. But then again, they are connected to each other…

I also think it might be a good idea to keep in mind that many people read these articles without having all the relevant knowledge about functions or about archetypes, so maybe this distinction should be clarified a bit more…but then again, Auburn, your quote is pretty clear, I don’t know why I didn’t see it before !!! It’s probably in an article that people should read before they delve into the articles about each function, right? 🙂 But I obviously directly read the ones about the functions like a Pe lead would be expected to do. :p

When I read the Se article, I didn’t think that the Joker was just a representation of the general Trickster myth. I thought the Joker is an Se lead who also represents the Trickster myth.

So, I think there is a risk that this might happen with Harry Potter in the Fe article too.

Most people start learning about CT by reading the articles about the functions, so there is a risk for newcomers to make this confusion (since we made it ourselves 🙂 ). Hm, maybe it would be a good idea to somehow directly lead people to first read a short disclaimer that the examples in the mythology part of the articles don’t necessarily show characters who use these specific functions but that they represent general archetypes that can be experienced by anyone at some point but that are usually more prominently experienced by people who have these functions conscious or who develop them?

This is just me empathizing with the confused people who just got here and who directly jump into the functions and then may get even more confused and say hey, but Harry Potter looks like a Pe lead, how is he representative of Fe?

So, this has actually nothing to do with what you said but with how the information is presented and possibly perceived by others.  I’m starting to think I will soon develop Fi under the influence of this forum. 🙂 And Te ! Maybe I’m on the Hero’s Journey too. :))

– :)))

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