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Coming back to this topic, I think we are over-relying on a small sample size of two here: @bera @animal.

Let me show you a more wide array of Se-leads (musicians and stunt people):

SeFi Bam Margera: Imprudent, impulsive, does things as they come to him. He has tenacity, yes, but overall he’s quite unplanned.

SeTi Lil Baby: Says here that he knocks out songs in 20-25 minutes. This is a common theme I see also in:

SeFi Sia Furler: Says that she just writes songs in ~40 minutes, sends them out and never thinks about them again. (5:10+, especially at 5:35)

SeFi 6ix 9ine: Talks about how he just spews out words (1:18:25), and then “it’s a hit.” He admits that very little discipline goes into it, and a lot of it is on-the-fly.

SeTi Quavo: Talks about how making a song is like going fishing, you don’t know what you’ll get.

I could give more examples but it’s a bit time consuming. The main point being that Se-leads have a strong pattern of “winging it” yes, and they say so themselves. There’s a difference between dedication that comes from passionate intrigue, and dedication that comes from a fortification of will.

Ne also has a similar sort of obsessive intrigue, and can be quite dedicated to a given subject if it continues to be a source of interest. Adam Savage is an example of this kind of passion with his workshop and tinkering. Ne-leads can go-all-in on subjects and I’m not denying that Pe can be quite devoted, in that particular sense.

But I would be very careful to conflate that with “willpower”, as willpower is a type of willingness to do what is necessary but not natural or easy. I don’t see this in Se l— or Se l–l types, but I do see it in direct proportion to their level of Je signals, letting me know that this attribute (when present) is coming from Je and not from Se alone.

Gamma: Now, I do have to make a special note about what I think may be a relevant factor here. I say in the Gamma metabolism section:

…the Gamma quadrant tends to view one non-negotiable reality (“the here and now”) that is happening in a way that’s aligned to universal principles and which can be leveraged towards our desires. There is no confusion in the Gamma type as to what is real. This leads Gamma types to be Holistic Empiricists. A technical term which can be used to summarize them would be: Meritocrats. This is because the condition of any person or thing is understood as being a direct cause of their actions or of the inescapable forces at play in the universe.

There is a general/baseline Gamma qualia that exists, which makes Gammas more no-bullshit, more straight-to-business, and meritocratic than any other types. As the video you recently posted here says, Gamma energy carries these straightforward qualities in even the “ESFP.”

I find this to be a sufficiently appropriate explanation for why even some SeFi l— types may have ambition and drive, or at least a direct sense of what they want (Fi), what reality looks like (Se) and an implicit sense of how to get it (Te) whether or not they have any of those functions conscious.

Since we all have active use of all functions, even when they’re not conscious, the SeFi l— is still processing reality via Te when it comes to the “how” and is realistic as to the “how” via Se. This is also why the SeFi profile in the book lists an SeFi subtype as “The Manager” and makes note of this habit even in SeFi. There is no need to insert Je attributes into the equation, as this explanation seems sound to me without trespassing that territory.


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