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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

What I’m getting from this is: regardless of the specific characters or story, the archetypal appeal of ‘rising from the ashes’ to fulfill a greater purpose and become a better man or woman, fighting your inner demons to rise above, is an appeal to Fe regardless if it’s written by a Delta or Gamma.  So there’s a universal appeal to Fe ‘hero’s story’ or ‘mythical narrative’ that any type can tap into and become a vehicle to fulfill.  This would mean there’s no equivalent hero story for other functions – Fe represents the mythical hero narrative of good triumphing over evil (in yourself or in the world).

But if so, that would beg the question: where is the appeal for Fe coming from in those who don’t have Fe?  Why is this mythical story so universally appealing, and so deeply necessary for everyone?

Isn’t everyone’s polar function their “hero” – in a way?

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