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  • Type: SeFi
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Yes, but the character often informs the choice of an actor. Regardless, in and of itself you’re right that an actor’s type is not necessarily an indicator of the character’s type.


But, here are some Fictional & Non-fictional Conductors:
MLK Jr, Jordan Peterson, Hermione, Dumbledore, Black Panther, Lincoln….

Compared to these characters & people, Harry Potter and his trajectory really stands out. He does not fit on that list. He’s a wide eyed kid, whose adventures arise from being bored, and then he finds himself in situations he didn’t expect and reacts impulsively.

For any heroic character, becoming a leader in some capacity is often necessary. This does not make them necessarily Je lead.

Harry does not have a ‘personal vision’ of being a hero, a King or a leader. He is “put into a position” and steps up to the plate out of love for his friends specifically.  He is more a ‘compass’ type, or a revisor – pointing everyone in the right direction – than he is a leader, an organizer, a king, a conductor or an implementer.  Dumbledore, Snape and Hermione take the conductor role, showing him “how to make it happen”  – whereas he has the “good hearted innocence” (higher Ji)  and the childlike impulsivity of Se lead.  He loses some of that innocence as his Je develops later out of necessity, but he never loses his impulsive character.


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